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What is an avatar?

An avatar is an image used to represent your own identity in virtual communities, places for gathering and online games.

Basically a real person chooses to show himself/herself to others through a graphic representation.

Software creating virtual images are often 3D graphics one such as: 3DSMAX, MAYA, BLENDER.

The contexts in which these virtual representations are used most are forums, chats, role plays.

3D representations are often used to embody a product, character or influencer.

The phenomenon of the avatars in the fashion field is quite recent, however its fast expected spread – considering how the major fashion brands are moving –  is destined to raise debates on whether it is right or not that virtual characters substitute real ones/people. Or on the concept of “real” itself.

Working with avatars represents a great growing potential for companies, because, besides being customizable, they do not have all the “human” implications of cooperating with a model, spokesperson or influencer: contracts, fees, personal hitches, caprices, etc.

Therefore avatars allow to diversify web contents, offer experiences and at the same time monitor the budget.