character animation fststudio 3d


We create your character, animate it and turn into a game. We transform it into an object (gadget) for sales and market strategies – interaction and innovative communication.

We keep up with the times giving life to you virtual mascot character.

Our creations aim to give personality to logos, brands and business styles.

FST Studio creates the illusion of thought, emotion and personality!

Realism is guaranteed and the vitality of the character is stressed by credible and natural movements.

A nice and positive mascot cooperates in the communication because it becomes more than a name or a slogan. It causes empathy and smile.

A clear and memorable symbol concentrating in little space your business “ID” and fully interacting with everyone is watching it. It represents your business in a direct way, helping potential clients become familiar with your brand and love it.

The aim? An interactive dialogue creating an emotional long-lasting connection  with the opportunity of new effective marketing strategies:

  • use
  • turn the mascot into a real object, a gadget
  • combine the gadget to your product at the time of sale.

For instance, it is possible to create an animated mascot to present your own brand or commercial initiative, thanks to the optimization allowed by 3D character animation.