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Magento or Shopify?

Magento or Shopify? Both are great solutions to start an e-commerce project, all depends on purposes, needs and budget.

We cannot say that a tool is better than another one without knowing specifically the client’s needs and preferences.

We can compare Magento and Shopify to two cars with different features.

Shopify represents a complete solution in which you have basically all you need to start your e-commerce in exchange for a month fee.

Differently, Magento is a free self-hosted open-source software , which means that you need to have a server and take care of setting up and configure the software.

In the basis of these two considerations, which car should you choose?

It depends on the driver.

If you are an experienced user and perhaps you know server implications and dabble in coding you could choose Magento, as you have zero costs on the software side and server costs optimized for your needs.

If you are an inexperienced user and you do not want to always seek help from a web agency for updates you could perhaps prefer Shopify.

In both cases I used the conditional because, although you chose the car depending on your own preferences, on the way you may realize that the choice made was the wrong one.

This can happen when you begin considering diverse factors and more deeply.

If the main need becomes that of protecting your data, even the inexperienced user should reconsider his/her choices.

If installed on a private or dedicated server, Magento will ensure more privacy for the data that at least will not be managed by a third company.

Differently if the priority is not to invest time and resources on updates and use a stable structure, even the experiences user can opt for Shopify.


The choice between Magento and Shopify has to be made with a careful assessment of purposes, needs and budget.

Changing purposes or needs along the way or at a later stage will imply high costs.