Patents and 3D

Patent and 3D. It is often not easy to promote a patented product. 3D technology is an effective solution.

Let’s give an example: a storage compartment for shower riser rails, not in production yet, to be presented to a potential client in furnishing sector.

Presenting a functional design object is a challenging task, because you have to illustrate its strong points clearly. At the same time, you have to engage your public.

3D videos are more engaging than manuals because they catch the eye and at the same time illustrate the features of products without leaving anything to the imagination.

Products can be viewed from any perspective.

Like this storage compartment, you can show the product in its endless combinations of assembling and in the colors available.

The benefits of employing 3D videos to promote your patent:

  • promotes your products in advance: thanks to 3D technology it is possible to show products before their actual implementation. This way you can know the market reaction beforehand;
  • educates your staff, agents or retailers: it can be employed for corporate and technical training at a lower cost;
  • as a tutorial: it provides your clients the product assembly instructions, far more effectively than a textual handbook;
  • diverse end destinations for marketing campaigns: once it has been made, a video can be employed for your co-workers’ training, for fairs and events, as a tutorial, on your website and social networks, etc. Moreover, you can extract images to be used on your catalogs, brochures and depliants. All in one investment;
  • no limits of perspective: unlike traditional clips, 3D has no limits, all can be reproduced: any detail or internal component and from any point of view;
  • clarity of contents: a video is the most effective and engaging communication method; in a limited time, the audience will learn the functioning and the advantages of your product;
  • strengthen your corporate image: a 3D video is a dynamic, immediate and high-impact tool contributing to present your business as an innovative, technological and cutting-edge one.