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What is a sitemap?

As Google states, the sitemap is a file in which it is possible to list of your website pages.

It is important to communicate to Google and other search engines the website content management.

The so called web “Crawlers” of search engines, such Googlebot, read these files to better scan your website.

There are two main types of Sitemaps: HTML and XML and differentiate depending on the file formats.

The feature of HTML Sitemap files is helping viewer see the entire website, and usually are linked to the web page so that users can see it.

XML Sitemap file are similar as they link every page to the website.

But, contrary to the previous ones, they distinguish themselves by the format that, even though it cannot be read by viewers, is easily recognizable by search engine robots.

You can also create sitemaps through images, videos, collections and news.

If you do not have a CMS automatically generating sitemaps you will proceed manually to the their creation and posting on the relative domain.

It is easy to find the documentation for the fulfillment of these files.

Is the Sitemap essential?

The use of a Sitemap does not ensure that all the elements listed in it are subjected to scanning and indexing.

The scanning is planned by complex algorithms.

However, in most cases the existence of a Sitemap constitutes an advantage for your website and “you will never be penalized  for having one”.

Sitemap creation and maintenance is an activity included in the SEO sphere.

Search Engine Optimization defines all the optimizing activities of a website addressed to improve organic results positioning on search engines.