Configuratore Web 2d

2D web-based configurator

Through a 2D web-based configurator, starting from a static image, users will have the opportunity to customize finishes, colors and materials of a given composition.

The system developed by us will manage all the process of coloring and modification of the object.

Users will be free to create the closest composition to their personal tastes with the opportunity to see the final outcome.

We could configure various products ranging from buildings to clothing and automotive sector, etc.

Once the desired composition is created, our configurator allows to save the image and the final price of the product.

That image can go with the order form or can be used to generate a new product inside the e-commerce platform so that other user can buy the same composition.

A 2D web-based configurator is often considered as something easier than a 3D one, but this is not true.

The graphic impact is very realistic as, renouncing to the object rotation, we focus our attention only on one point of view.

Below is our demo of a 2D web-based configurator developed for a bag.