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WEB 3.0 – Artificial Intelligence

Nobody can know how the web 3.0 and artificial intelligence will be. We can only make assumptions.

Currently the innovations that are sparking interest are Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Computing and the increasing use of Virtual Reality.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the discipline belonging to IT and studying the techniques allowing to design systems able to provide the electronic computer with performances that, to an ordinary observer, seem to pertain exclusively to human intelligence.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence the web will become more and more semantic.

Software will be able to perform operations of logical reasoning using a series of rules that express a logical connection between concepts and data on the Web.

Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing will be used for sustaining the eternal extension of the net.

The most important innovation will be decentralization: users can choose to make their computer or device participate in the operation of the net, besides using it for consultation.

Information is automatically duplicated on every participating computer, distributing the computing among all the knots of the network.

This ensures the resistance of the network to any kind of selective censorship.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality represents a simulated reality, a 3D computer-generated setting that can be explored and through which it is possible to interact using IT devices such as viewer, gloves, earphones, etc.

The scenario these tools project into is so realistic that it seems true.

We do not have to forget augmented reality, where the real view of the setting is enriched with 3D or 2D virtual information.